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Highlighted Reviews

Thoroughly enjoyed it” - (Dame Kate Harcourt)

Everyone should see this show” - (John Smythe)

So funny, my face hurt from laughing. A must see” - (Emily Writes)

The funniest show of my Fringe.” - about Edinburgh Fringe (Butterwort)

The harsh but funny take on everything from pregnancy, competitive parenting, breastfeeding through to sex after babies is certainly a laugh a second,
but still makes some poignant points
”. Ilona Hanne (Herald Stratford Press)

Kudos to Pollock for creating cohesion amongst the chaos...Ultimately, Femme Natale is both a great night out and an important work. Giving parents the platform to access theatre in this manner is wonderful, and I hope the show is repeated on a regular basis.”  
Madeleine Empson ( Regional News)

Right on the G-Spot…hilariously X-rated, Femme Natale is a slick skit-based show based on various experiences of parenthood. From conception through to the confessions of a less-than-ideal mum, a talented and agile cast who cavort gleefully through the cleverly contrived sketches. Opens with a climax and grows better from there.”
Richard Mays (Stuff Reviewer)

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