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Technical Specifications

Running time:
75 or 60 mins (can be run as a one or two act show)
Number of performers: 5
Programmer/operator: 1 (sounds and lights)
Tech rehearsal/ Bump In Requirement: Minimum 4 hours 
Minimum Stage Space: 5 x 5m 

Venue Technical Wish List

House Lights, General Stage Wash (warm), blue wash,
red wash, Centre spot.

Lights not essential but hoped for
Basic chase sequence, dappled green wash, spots on entrance areas,
2-4 pillars pillars purple light on rear curtain.

Plug and Play from a Windows Laptop to your sound system 

Technician Wish
To have a walkthrough regarding on/off procedues, basic desk familiarisation, pack in/out expectations and safety.

Venues without Technical setup
We will explore local Hire

This is a highly flexible show that can be performed in a variety of venues, including Spiegeltents and theatres large and small. There are no freight costs as our set is minimal. This is a show that suits a cabaret atmostphere as well as traditional theatre.


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